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Use our Blackout Blinds to completely darken your room for a better and longer sleep!

  • Provides total blackout
  • Installs in minutes. No tools or screws.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

How Do They Work?

Our blackout blinds are different than the rest - in a good way. Unlike so-called "blackout curtains" and other blinds that let light in through the top and sides, our blackout blinds completely cover your window and use a velcro seal to block out ALL light, providing a 100% darkened room anytime of day for a deeper and longer sleep.

Our blinds are perfect for night shift workers, kids bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, studios, offices, and anywhere else you want total darkness. Just measure your window frame and we'll take care of the rest!

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Ariel Kuzmicki (Brandon, MB) - "I am a nurse and always had trouble with sleeping during night shifts and had to throw towels and blankets over the window. Now I just seal all 4 sides of the window and it's complete darkness! Best investment I've made!"
Carey Tremblay (Okanagan Falls, BC) - "Finally a room blackout solution that is affordable. The ordering process was easy and customer service top notch. I highly recommend this product!"
Sarah Lau (Windsor, ON) - "I'd been trying to find blackout blinds for my boyfriend because he works night shifts. He had a really crappy one made of cloth which was awful to handle. So I went online and found These blackout blinds do not let even the tiniest of light in! I highly recommend these blinds."
Susie Driscoll (Inuvik, Northwest Territories) - "I am totally amazed and satisfied with my new blinds. In the summer here there is 24 hour sunlight and for years I had trouble sleeping. Now with these blinds it's total darkness and if I want sunlight all I have to do is lift the corners and attach them to the velcro strip at the top. They are easy to install and just take a couple minutes. Wonderful product! A++"
Lorae Perdue (Calgary, AB) - "My new shift, 10pm to 8am, was killing me. I hadn't slept more than 4 hours in a row in about 4 months. This blind saved me. My room is now so dark I have to watch my shins. I've recommended them to everyone I work midnights with."
Adele Shaw (Toronto, ON) - "We had one set of pull down blackout blinds for the kids room but all kinds of light always came streaming in from the sides. I was done struggling with bedtime. These were the perfect solution. We've had them for 2 weeks and I couldn't be happier. As a side bonus I think they are going to really help with keeping the room cooler this summer."

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