What are blackout blinds?

Our blackout blinds are window covers that fit right over your window and seal to the window frame using Velcro®. They completely block out the sun and give your room total darkness for a better sleep.

What are the blinds made of?

Our blackout blinds are made of a specially formulated blockout vinyl. This vinyl is lightweight but very strong.

How much do they cost?

Cost is determined by the size of blinds you require.  Just enter the size of blinds here to get an exact cost.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE Canada-wide and USA-wide.  

How long does it take to receive my blinds? 

Typically within 5-10 business days from when you place your Blackout Blind order.

What colours do the Blackout Blinds come in? 

Black and White. Black has the 100% blackout effect for your room whereas the White is 90% effective for blacking out your room.

What comes with the Blinds?

Two things are included when you order from

1) Blackout Blinds - Made of a fine vinyl material designed to block out all light.
2) Velcro® strips - Easily attach the adhesive Velcro® strips to any window frame in seconds.

How do I install the blinds?

The blackout blinds install in minutes with no tools required. You will receive Velcro® adhesive strips (The Hook) that you stick to your window frame. The blackout blind material is prefabricated with Velcro® (The Loop). Simply attach the Hook and the Loop together for a complete seal and totally blacked out room.

What colour is the Velcro?

The Velcro® comes standard in Black for the best blackout effect. You can request White Velcro® but the blackout effect is not 100%. The reason being is that the Velcro® completely seals around your window frame and the black colour stops 100% of the light from coming in, whereas the white coloured Velcro® allows some light which slightly reduces the blackout effect.  If you still prefer the white Velcro® please note "White Velcro" in the comment section as you place your order.

What’s the width of the Velcro?

The Velcro® comes standard as ¾ inch however you may also request ½ inch Velcro® if space is tight. Please indicate “½ inch Velcro” in the comments section when you order.

Will the adhesive Velcro strips damage my window frame or leave residue if I remove them after a few years?

No, they should not damage your window frame but you should remove them with care.  The easiest way to remove the strips is to start by lifting one corner, then slowly pull along the window frame (not towards you) until the entire strip is removed.  Most of the time it will come clean off but if any residue is left behind, simple use a wooden chopstick or other dull scraping object to remove the residue.

Are the Blackout blinds easily detachable from my window to let light in? 

Yes, the blackout blinds are designed to easily detach and re-attach to your window frame since they are attached purely by Velcro®.  Larger blinds (> 28" in height) even come with a special velcro feature that allows you to fold your blinds open while keeping them attached to the window frame to let light in. See example photo near the bottom of our homepage.

What if I’m not happy with my blinds?  

Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.  If you're not 100% satisfied with your blinds for any reason let us know and we'll make it right or simply return them within 30 days and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price. 

Can I order my blind if it is larger than the maximum measurements on your site? 

Yes you can order. Please Contact us via email ( and we will assist you with this.

Can I use them with my current window treatment?

Yes, these blackout blinds fit right onto your window frame, either behind or in front of your current window treatment.

I’m not sure if your blinds will work with my window.  What should I do?

Please e-mail us a photo of your window and we will give you our professional opinion. Email to:

When entering the blind dimensions why are there two height and two width options?

One is for whole inches and the other is for partial inches if applicable.  For example if your measurement is 20 ¾ inches then select 20 and ¾ .  If your measurement is 20 inches exactly, then select 20 and 0/0.

How should I measure my window frame for the best fit? 

measure-window-blinds-resized-60-60.jpgYou will want your measurements to include at least ¾ inch of space on all four sides of the window frame for the velcro adhesive to attach.  If you only have ½ inch of space on your frame for the Velcro, you may request ½ inch Velcro within the comments section when you order.  See our How to Measure and Install video

If you have a window handle or knob in the way and not sure what to measure, make sure there is ¾ inch (or ½ inch if requesting ½ inch velcro) of space between the window(glass) and the handle/knob for the velcro adhesive to stick to. If there isn't sufficient space you can instead use the outside window frame and measure to it rather than the inside frame.  Still unsure? Please contact us any time and we can advise.